News for Landowners & Agents

Do you or your clients have land or buildings with potential which could be worth a considerable sum with a planning consent for residential use?

Getting such consent nowadays involves very considerable expenditure and work with no guarantee of achieving a residential consent at the end.

Over the past 20 years, Dakin Estates have bought many sites from landowners on a Subject to Planning basis with the onus being on Dakin Estates to risk the expenditure needed to attempt to obtain a viable consent.

Out of a number of such deals agreed, Dakin Estates has never failed to obtain a viable residential consent.

Dakin Estates is also often approached by landowners or their agents to look at projects where the land or buildings in question are close to the vendor’s house or on land retained by him.

In such cases there are, of course, considerable landowner concerns about how the design and quality of any residential scheme might impact upon the value and privacy of his own home and/or retained property.

In these cases, Dakin Estate believe in working closely with the landowner from an early stage to minimise the impact on his retained land whilst maximising the financial return to both parties.

If you or your clients have land or buildings that you think may be suitable for a residential conversion, please contact me for a preliminary informal discussion or even just a second opinion.

There is, of course, no obligation whatsoever.

Nicholas Dakin
01223 354979